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Monday Photo Essay: Super Sunday 2012

He Said:

Did you make it out there yesterday? We posted a few images last year from the most photo-friendly event in New Orleans, and here’s a gallery from the 2012 Super Sunday, the annual gathering of Mardi Gras Indians at LaSalle and Washington and points beyond. Continue reading

Jockamo Fee Na Nay: Super Sunday

My flag boy and your flag boy were sittin’ by the fire/

My flag boy told your flag boy I’m gonna set your flag on fire – James Crawford

She Said:

When you die, what will you regret?

Every day presents a unique opportunity to learn and experience things unlike those of the days before. Last Sunday was akin looking through a keyhole into the world unknown, that of the Mardi Gras Indians. For the past few years, He Said and I have been meaning to see the them, but never got around to it.

This year, our opportunistic glimpse of three Indians Mardi Gras Day on Frenchmen and Rampart merely served as an appetizer, priming us for more.  Super Sunday, as the annual event is termed, found us Uptown at the corner of LaSalle and Washington. We were familiar with Iko, Iko of course, whether by Dr. John, the Dixie Cups, or any of a number of other artists, but not that the original song was actually Jockamo, and that it was a reference to the taunts of rival tribes. The Indians weren’t part of our personal experience growing up in New Orleans, and it was thrilling to dive into a parallel culture more than 150 years old thriving in our own home city. The weather was perfect, and the street party in and around A.L. Davis park was bustling with music, the smells of food, and the hum of people.

And the Indians of course: Check out some of the fabulous costumes below and make sure this event is a don’t miss for you next year.