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Pour Some Sugar on Me: 2012 King Cake Death Match, February 2nd

CC image courtesy Angie Garrett at Flickr

He and She Said:

According to a carefully chosen panel of experts, what’s the best King Cake in town?

Who the hell cares?

Experts? We don’t need no stinkin’ experts. We need you.

For the second year in a row, we are crowdsourcing the vote for the best King Cake in NOLA. If you’re a native, you’ve been eating them all your life, right? And if you’re a transplant, we know you remember the first time you were smacked upside the head with Carnival pastry goodness.

You know what good is, so come out and prove it.

Here’s the deal:

Place: Thursday, February 2nd, 7pm sharp at the fabulous Patrick’s Bar Vin in the French Quarter. Haven’t been there yet? Here’s your chance to check out the Quarter’s newest wine bar and meet bon vivant extraordinaire Patrick van Hoorebeek. Click on this link for more info about Bar Vin.

Price of admission: Your opinion.

Bill of fare: A murderer’s row of confectionery bliss including cakes from the defending champion Cake Cafe and Bakery, Sucre, La Divina Gelateria, Rouses, Maple Street Patisserie, La Dolce NOLA, and a few more as we work this week to complete the list of contenders. By the time you stumble out in a sugar-induced coma, you’ll have sampled the best the city has to offer and passed judgement upon them all.

Bar Vin will be complementing the cakes with everything they have to offer, including drink specials on bubbly by the glass and king cake flavored vodka.

That’s not a misprint: king. cake. vodka.

So mark your calendar and make plans to come out, meet your humble correspondents, and let your voice be heard next Thursday!

*Disclaimer: While no one has actually, like, died during the death match (so far) He Said/She Said NOLA and Patrick’s Bar Vin take no responsibility for the effects of ridiculous sugar intake upon your system. The gloves are off for this pastry cage match, so eat at your own risk.

Aces of Cakes: The Best King Cakes in New Orleans 2011

He and She Said:

Death Match Sugar Gauntlet

People love to vote.

(Editor’s note: for information on the 2012 King Cake Death Match, Thursday Feb 2nd, click here.)

This Wednesday, Fahy’s Irish Pub on Toulouse and Burgundy hosted with us the First Annual French Quarter King Cake Death Match. There were no casualties (with the possible exception of a few sugar-comas) and we were unable to document a single sleeper-hold or figure-four leg lock, but great fun was had by all.

Truth be told, Quarter residents can be a bit of a jaded group. Spray-painted mimes battling in the street with pirates; naked bicycling jugglers: For some, signs of the apocalypse. For us, just another Tuesday. So we knew we needed to bill this as a lethal armageddon just to keep people’s interest. We did learn that showing up anywhere with twelve King Cakes will always make you more popular.

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