Like Mom always said, don’t forget to eat your sushi

She Said:

Well, we didn’t really have a lot of sushi in my house. Ok, we didn’t have any. To make matters worse, He Said eats most things, but is not really a fan of sushi.

I don’t really understand that, but I suppose I’ll still keep him. But just to be clear, if anyone’s looking for a sushi date, I’m pretty much always available.

One thing my husband does like just as much as I do is a good cause, and Sushi for Sendai certainly qualifies.

The event was very ably previewed by our friends at Blackened Out and Just Off The Red Streetcar Line last week, but now that the madness of French Quarter Fest is over we thought we’d post a reminder. Here’s the skinny via their facebook page:

Sushi for Sendai is a New Orleans based fundraiser backed by The Red Cross to raise money for Tsunami and Quake Relief in Japan. Sendai, Japan was one of most devastated areas following the Earthquake and Tsunamis that hit March 11, 2011. As a city that is no stranger to natural disaster, New Orleans was determined to help.

Sushi for Sendai will take place every Wednesday in the month of April at various restaurants through out the Greater New Orleans area.

Want to help? Come eat sushi.

It’s that easy. Just eat and a portion of your bill will be donated to help Japan.

Participating restaurants include:

Aloha Sushi (Sun Ray Grill)
Wasabi Frenchmen
Wasabi Lakeview
Eiffel Society
Three Muses

So pick your fave (or try a new one), do some good, and please come say hi if you see me eating alone!

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3 responses to “Like Mom always said, don’t forget to eat your sushi

  1. That cinches it- next time we’re in town, you & I are going out for sushi as Mrs. Mirepoix eats it once or twice a year to make me happy. THough when she does eat sushi, she goes right for sashimi- nothing hidden w rice or salty crunchy bits of goodness….

  2. hesaidshesaidnola

    She Said: You, sir, have a date!

  3. And we’ll fashion our own chopsticks from re-claimed cypress rafters too! OK, maybe that’s too much enthusiasm……but YAY!

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